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“Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.” —Vivienne Westwood

Being a Fashion enthusiast and having immense passion for the Fashion industry I winded up taking Engineering and successfully completed it, but wait… is that what I really want to be?

No! Figuring out what I really need to be in life, that’s when it hit me hard, as I should be a part of the Fashion world, which got me into Fashion Blogging and that made a way for me to take up Fashion Designing!

After a lot of research I decided   to take up Fashion Designing at the INIFD, MG ROAD BANGALORE. And to be honest my journey has been really great! I am very happy that I am a part of INIFD.

On the first day of my Fashion school I got to see a group of unknown folks from different background under one roof gathered to accomplish their dream as – Fashion Designer. We were all welcomed to be a part of the INIFD family by such good faculty with great support.

We were informed that the first workshop would be to experiment with the newspaper. We were divided into teams and given the opportunity to think something out of the box. We were given the concept of Paper draping. And we were all hazed as how to go about with it. We had to come up with a theme, as that’s one of the key factors in Fashion Designing. Our entire team put in great efforts to make this garment and we put forth in all the ideas, considering the teams interest, creative designs, methods, and give a beautiful story.

After a lot of discussion the team was inspired by the theme of the second greatest TV cartoon in 2003 – THE FLINSTONES. And hence our team was named after it –“THE FLINSTONES”

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Yes! We decided to make sure we are in the same era as the Flintstones back in time when there was no concept of fabric, people relied on what was around them and readily available to them for making garments. They relied on nature as they used leaves, animal skins clothing. Inspired by this concept our garment has been designed not only to go back in time but also to stay with the present day fashion. We have used floral detailing for the bustier and the skirt has been decorated with similar flowers to go with the bustier and some butterflies. The garment has been accessorized with a simple fascinator and a leafy belt.

Adding on to this the Flintstones has been a part of the Fashion industry since a long time, to name a few where

  • MOSCHINO had designed a Flintstone inspired collection for kids and Women’s resort collection.
  • RIHANNA dresses up as pebbles Flintstone for niece birthday party.

At the end of day 4 we completed the entire garment and we were ready for the presentation.

As we stood in front of the judges we were excited to explain our concept, ideas used, efforts, involvement, team work and creativity. I would also like to congratulate the other 3 teams who put in a lot of effort and came up with their creativity in the newspaper draping workshop as seen below. As it was a competition the judgment was based on the Concept, Creativity, Presentation and Description. The judges’ review about our overall presentation did help us learn and improve our skills.

And I am very happy and proud to say that our team –THE FLINSTONES was selected as the winning team.

Yabba dabba doo!

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Neha Su
Fashion Blogger