With fashion at its peak in today’s world and sustainable fashion taking the front seat, this season at London Fashion Week, designers Vin and Omi had showcased a collection of garments with sustainable fabrics made from Plastic bottles and sustainable wool.

VIN + OMI, is an innovative, high-end fashion brand following years of experimentation and research in developing new eco materials. They have pioneered the processing of plastic into unique fabrics in the year 2011 and pushed the boundaries of sustainable fabrics in its design.

2They never planned on becoming designers or had designing as a profession other than a few workshops on sewing and pattern making. But they have a political message and fashion was the best medium. They make their own textiles to make people realize the waste created by clothes.

Right after their first show, NESTA [the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts] gave them a scholarship which was integral for their work. NESTA made them realize the need for new materials. They worked around the globe to create and develop new materials.




Vin and Omi started this when they made their first garment from recycled plastic fabric. The plastic fabric that came back from the manufacturer had a very soft hand feel to it, from then recycled fabrics became an obsession and now they own a catalog of 12 recycled fabrics made from a variety of sources.

4They developed leathers made from chestnuts and wool- like fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles. Here the bottles are turned into chips and then melted and stretched and then turned into yarn that is woven just like fabric.

Vin and Omi are also trying a new way of recycling what they’ve already made. Customers who get tired of an item can send it back to the designers, who will reuse it in future collections. The customer then gets a discount off the next thing they buy and it becomes circular.

The British Fashion Council, which oversees designers, has launched an initiative called Positive Fashion, which rewards designers who, like Vin and Omi, meet certain ethical standards. This includes things like manufacturing in the UK and switching to green energy sources.






Whatever the reason may be, VIN +OMI is always true to trends having its popularity and they attract the attention of mainstream media and the fashion press. This made the world of fashion take a closer look at them.