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1. Basic Textile Science
2. Apparel Manufacturing
3. Marketing
4. Apparel Merchandising

Apparel Manufacturing, Marketing & Merchandising (AMMM)

With the advent of information technology and globalization the approach to business is changing very fast. In this emerging scenario, garment industry has been recognized as engine for growth for developing countries.Till recent past, the garment industry of India was reserved in the small-scale sector. The industry has since been de-reserved, allowing big players to set up large capacity garment plants with hi-tech equipment. Presently, India has approximately 3 per cent market share in the International garment trade. With improvements in quality and business practices, the share of Indian garments is bound to increase. Therefore, the garment industry of India will develop qualitatively incorporating latest manufacturing and information technology, and marketing techniques in its operations.

Simultaneously, garment retailing is also undergoing tremendous changes. The global markets are becoming more competitive; customer oriented and organized to meet departmental stores are restructuring in accordance with the changing trends. All this will necessitate professional approach to garment manufacturing, marketing and merchandising. In view of this, unlimited opportunities for exciting and challenging careers will come up for trained personnel in the field of merchandising and exports of garment.To handle future jobs, in the textile and apparel industry, trained and knowledge-equipped personnel with global approach are required. A practical oriented coursework containing international overview in garment trade, and with specific emphasis on development, both personal and professional skills, is an urgent need.

Ever conscious of changing needs of the garment industry, the self-motivated management of INIFD persists with redesigning and restructuring the courses offered by the Institution.In view of the above, a consolidated course in ‘Apparel Manufacturing, Marketing and Merchandising’ is being launched by INIFD. The program has been designed to fit unique interests of students by integrating basic knowledge of textiles, apparel manufacturing, fashion, marketing and merchandising, to be imparted through practical and relevant course contents, and in agreement with the latest business and technology trends. Students undergoing the course would experience the dynamic interface between design, merchandising, and consumer aspects of the apparel and textile industry. Other than this, the course would allow students to develop competence in the planning, buying, and selling of merchandise in export, retail or for manufacturing organizations, besides entrepreneurship skills. This one-year course, consist of modules, will be offered in one year.

In addition to above, the Institution will also focus on apparel merchandising, for the benefit of those students who have already undergone courses in Fashion Designing and Textile Designing or are graduates with 1 year experience in the textile or garment trade.The textile and apparel industry is global, massive and multifaceted. Opportunities for exciting and challenging careers are virtually unlimited for students with training in Apparel Merchandising.There is no doubt, in coming days Merchandisers will fill the fast growing demands of garment and textile industry. A Merchandiser with formal training can find openings in an established export house,clothing departmental stores, garment or textile manufacturing business, become a free lancer, or an entrepreneur.

Eligibility: 10+2 Standard