3 Years B.Sc. Programme in Fashion Design affiliated to Annamalai University 

UGC Recognized Degree Certification, Accredited with ‘A’ Grade by NAAC


It is a 3-year practice based and industry focused programme which prepare students for the challenges in design and fashion industry. This pioneering programme will challenge the students to explore fashion in context through the intersection of theory and practice, positioning them to shape a future in fashion that is innovative and interdisciplinary. It will also offer unique opportunities to transform concepts into tangible products, services and experiences.

The main formative objective of 3 Years B.Sc. Programme in Fashion Design is to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the fashion sector in all of its aspects, through an integrated approach between creative, cultural, productive marketing and communication aspects. 


First Year

Management Skills

Management | Planning | Coordination | Motivation | Delegation of Authority | Departmentalization | Communication | Leadership | Controlling | Directing | Advertising 

English Prose & Usage

Prose for the Young Reader | Prose in Practice | Grammar 

Elements Of Textiles 

Textiles are basic raw material for apparel. The objective of this course is to equip students with various textile raw materials, yarns, and fabrics  and briefly the processes involved for creation of textiles. The knowledge of textiles is essential as it is a foundation for textile & fashion designing.

To provide a comprehensive insight into the basic knowledge about fibers, yarns and the relevant properties affecting the ultimate performance and use of the fabric by the consumer.

Basics Of  Fashion

To provide and introduction to fashion and an understanding towards its growth and development in context to the fashion today. Knowledge of trendy fashion and fashion forecast to be upgraded accordingly.

The students should be able to design garments for different age groups, and associations with proper selection of fabrics.

Fashion Illustration & Model Drawing  

To develop the understanding of the drawing from live model of a child. This course will equip the students with basic knowledge of understanding human figure a framework for apparel fashion and drawing. 

Garment Construction & Drafting  

After subject acquaints the students with use and care of sewing machine and learn the basic sewing techniques. 

Fabric Artistry & Embroidery

The students will develop a thorough understanding of various techniques used to impart various decorative skills on fabrics. They will also learn the basis of handling a sewing machine, its care and maintained. 

Design & Color Concept  

This course provide students with a solid foundation in art and design. After undergoing this course students will be able to use the design process to execute projects from concept to finished work, apply the elements and principles of design to effective compositions. A thorough understanding of color will help students to create expressive work, to establish effective color relationships and present different kinds of work in appropriate and aesthetic ways.

Textile Study

To acquire a deeper understanding and awareness of yarns and weaves for being able to identify the different kinds of fabrics. 

History Of Indian Costumes 

To understand the significance of our ancient civilization, the fashion existing in the different periods, their contribution in shaping the present and promoting the future trends in the field of fashion. 

Second Year

English Composition & Business Correspondence 

The fashion & textile designers, in their professional careers are called upon to make written and verbal presentations. The objective of this basic course is to revise & refine the knowledge of English, which the students have learnt at school levels and sharpen their writing & communicating skills in English.

 Textile Study Applicable To Fashion Art

To provide a comprehensive insight into the basic knowledge about fibers and relevant properties affecting the ultimate performance and use of the fabric by the consumers. Knowledge of knits, wovens and finishes. 

Study Of Apparel Marketing 

The aims of this subject are to enable students to appreciate the unique aspects and concept of retail marketing – visual merchandising. It focuses attention on apparel business giving through knowledge of merchandising.   

Fashion Illustration & Application – I

The fashion illustrator works is a specialized of producing drawing. This male section illustration has been to develop the understanding of the drawing from live model, by using dry and wet color media in sketching and the subject of sketching and illustrations also make students proficient in free hand drawing and hence can portray his/her ideas on paper while dealing with the customers. The students will be able to handle different color mediums and shading after undergoing the subject. 

Advanced Techniques Of Garment Construction 

The subject of garment construction is an integral part of the Fashion Design program as it helps one to give a final shape or form to a fabric according to one’s aesthetic sense and creativity. The garment that has to be stitched has to be made after research and board developments. 

Design Process

After going through this subject, the students should be able to show their creative skills by designing garments taking inspiration from different sources. To develop the concept of elements of design by understanding the depiction of inspiration in to garment design.

Drafting & Pattern Making

Women Apparel Design. After going through this subject the students will be able to interpret a style, make a pattern and construct the garment. Assess the student’s ability in pattern making in the field of women apparel design.

Traditional Textile & Embroideries 

To develop the understanding of different traditional textiles of India embroidered, woven, printed and painted their typical motifs, color and style? To embroider and paint the samples along with sketches.

Third Year

Retail Marketing & Visual Merchandising 

The aim of the subject is to enable students to appreciate the unique aspects and concepts of retail marketing and visual merchandising it focuses attention on apparel business giving a thorough knowledge of merchandising. 

Study Of Apparel Manufacturing Process

This component will provide students with an understanding of product requirements in relation to the export market of garments and develop their organizational skills and ability to develop export markets for the products created by them.

Care Renovation & Finishing Of Textiles

The students will develop an understanding of various types of textile finishes along with their processes functions and properties. They will also learn about the care, storage and labeling requirements of various fabrics.

Project Work

Catalog to be created

Design Concept & Art Portfolio

Fashion being a way of life needs to be understood in context to the environmental issues that are ongoing processes of constant charges. Therefore, the student deeds to understand the impact of these influences on the ultimate expressions. 

A student of fashion design should be able to incorporate what he has learnt in the last 2 years through this degree programme in the line presentation.

Promotional Product Development

To develop an understanding about promotion and advertising. To design various promotional techniques for apparel/ textile stores and events. 

Pattern Making, Draping & Grading

After going through this subject, the student will be able to express design ideas by a three dimensional process of pattern making. Through knowledge of grading, the student will be able to do design variation in any size. 


To prepare students for writing professional documentation wherein they can gather enough resources to back up their research.


Academic Year will start from June 2017: Orientation + 1 Month Workshop Program

1st Academic Year: Foundation Subjects | Case Studies | Workshops & Seminars | Fashion Shows & Exhibitions | Industry & Site Visits | Projects & Presentations | Internship Placements

2nd Academic Year: 2-3 months of Internship Program (fully industry aligned) | Core Subjects | Case Studies | Fashion Shows & Exhibitions | Industry & Site Visits | Projects & Presentations

3rd Academic Year: Core Subjects | Case Studies | Fashion Shows & Exhibitions | Industry & Site Visits | Projects & Presentations | Design Portfolio & Documentation | Final Placements


ashion Designer
 Costume Designer for Fashion Magazines, Films & TV Freelance Designers for Fashion Brands Fashion Stylist | Fashion Entrepreneurs Fashion Retail Executive Fashion House Manager |  Fashion PR Executive Production Manager | Quality Analysis Manager | Visual Merchandiser |  Fashion Marketing | Fashion Buyer | Fashion House Coordinator Fashion Illustrator | Pattern Maker | Fashion Journalism & Media | Fashion Educationist | Fashion Blogger | Fashion Forecaster | Fashion Photographer  

Final Placements will start from December 2019 to April 2020 end


Participate in Lakme Fashion Week | Real Time Exposure to Femina Miss India | Internationally Acclaimed Teaching Pedagogy | Industry & Site Visits | Professional Networking | Workshops, Seminars & Guest Lectures by Industry Experts | Fashion Shows & Annual Design Exhibition | 100% Internship & Placement Assistance | Wifi Campus | Special Weekdays & Weekend Batches for Students, Working Professionals & Homemakers | Lifetime Alumni Membership


10+2/ PUC/ Equivalent/ Final year students are also eligible to apply