If you are tired of your old space or moving into a new one and thinking of decorating your house then you are at the right place!

Interior decoration not only adds to the aesthetic beauty of the house but also improves its functionality. It is essential when decorating homes to ensure that the interior spaces are not just enhanced for appeal but are also practical.

I have mentioned below 5 easy decoration tips & ideas to inspire you.

Textured Elements

 You’d be surprised at what a few pillows can do to a room!

Using pillows of different textures that can liven up a room while using complimenting patterns in blankets or rugs can bring everything together!

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Color boom

Nothing makes a bigger statement than painting a wall!

You could paint one wall a bold color, like emerald green (as seen below) while the other walls could be of lighter shades or have a milder color.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Pick up some stencils and place it on the accent wall then use spray paint to fill the room with colored borders or desired stencil patterns.

You could also consider painting your ceiling. Painting the ceiling one to two shades lighter than the walls can make the room look larger.

                                        03                    02

Flower Power

Flowers or plants are a wonderful way to invigorate any space, no matter the time or place!

Flowers are available all year-round and are also a natural way to freshen up your living space without needing to rely on perfumes and sprays.

Also for those lazy folks who can’t put in the effort can try getting those attractive artificial flowers to liven up the place.

                                          04             05

Statement Rug

 The key to experiencing color high spot lay at your feet!

A decorated carpet plays up with the neutral fixtures and adds character to any space. Although on the contrary hued pillow enhances another punch to the comfy chair.

By using area rugs we can define individual “rooms” within the space.

                                   06       07


If you want to spice up your outfit, you accessories with rings, bags, and hats. If you want to spice up your room, try adding pictures, patterns, and texture!

Placing a set of pictures on your wall can brighten up your walls!

Try landscapes for neutral-toned rooms or add pop art for a fun twist!

                                        08      09

Hope you found these tips useful and will use some of these ideas to re-decorate and liven up your house.

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